ShillerLearning kits come in two flavors: Physical and Download

How Does It Work?

We ship the physical kits, which can weigh as much as 20 pounds. You also may download the files, worksheets, and other ancillary print materials. If you need consumable replacement (consumable lessons to repeat or for another child) you may print these as often as you need for all children in your family.

Downloads kits are, well, all downloads. After you download, you have a lifetime license to print whatever you need whenever you need it for all children in your family. We do our best to provide manipulative cutouts, although of course the weight and texture will be different.

All customers have access to Tests and Answer Keys and to the Lesson Plan Builder, which identifies holes and prescribes the exact lessons to fill them.

Which Is right for You?

Choose the physical kit if:

  • You don't have manipulatives
  • You don't have Montessori-based manipulatives, a key component of ShillerLearning/Montessori learning. These include decimal material (1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s), number cards, and number tiles.
  • You want your children to have the full Montessori-based experience
  • You want the lifetime binding and beautiful printing that comes with the books
  • You want the audio CD that comes with Math I, Math II, Language Arts A, and Language Arts B
  • You want free lifetime manipulative replacement. It's true: We have such confidence in the construction of our manipulatives that we'll replace them free - including free shipping to the continental US - as long as your children are using ShillerLearning.

Choose the download kit if:

  • You already have Montessori-based manipulatives
  • You really cannot afford the physical kit
  • You are willing to take the time to print the books and construct the manipulatives from the cutouts that come with the download kits

Download kits are a much smaller investment that virtually any parent can afford. Physical kits come with beautiful 4-color books, dozens of colorful Montessori-based manipulatives, and an audio CD.

Still Undecided?

Call our expert customer support staff at 888-556-MATH and we'll discuss your specific situation to come up with the best solution for your family.